Our mission: make your office the happiest place!

At KYOSK, we love offices in all their diversity: small, big, serious or playful. So our mission is to help workspaces to be more inclusive and fit any need, for everyone to find their space at work and live their best life.

For that, we design beautiful office furniture at affordable cost, directly sent to businesses with full transparency on pricing and timing. Welcome to your workspace!


Shaheen Javid, Founder and CEO of KYOSK

Shaheen is the Founder & CEO of KYOSK.

French and Pakistani, she has lived and worked in 7 different countries and has launched 4 businesses... before thinking of KYOSK!

Through all these experiences, she found herself many times in situations where she couldn’t find any quiet space to take a call and had to use the fire exit stairs... or go outside while it was raining!

She also saw the hassle of setting up an office, with expensive furniture, no transparency on costs or lead times, no easy ordering process.

So tada - KYOSK was born!