The KYOSK Office phone booth is made of natural plywood, extra-density noise cancelling foam in between the wood panels to block the noise, grey carpeted material inside, and glass on the front door to make it soundproof and more solid than plexiglas.

The internal dimensions of the booth are as below:

  • Length: 198cm / 6.5ft
  • Width: 91cm / 3ft
  • Depth: 90cm / 3ft

The external dimensions are as below:

  • Length: 215cm / 7ft
  • Width: 102cm / 3.5ft
  • Depth: 97cm / 1.2ft

The booth is about 235 kg all together (including packaging).

In details:

Bottom Unit

Top Unit

Wall 1

Wall 2

Wall 3


The desk is 73cm x 33cm, which gives you plenty of space for your computer, coffee and notebook.

The booth includes 2 plugs, 1 USB port and 1 ethernet port.

When you go inside the booth, we measured a 40 decibels decrease of the sound compared to when you stand outside. So it is a safe place for private discussions or quiet thinking.

You just need to connect your booth to one power plug and that’s it!

Yes, the booth includes a fan in the ceiling that you can turn in and off with a switch.

You can use a vacuum cleaner for the bottom unit and a window cleaning product for the glass on the front door from time to time to keep it clean! As well as give a quick wipe to the desk if needed.

If you want to see the phone booth, reach out via the Contact page of this website and we can arrange a visit at our showroom.

Yes You Can :) With more and more people working from home, this is becoming a common request. Just reach out via the Contact page of this website so we can discuss details - your booth needs to fit in your apartment space and we need to see the arrangements to make to deliver the booth to your building.

Not yet, coming soon! If you need suggestions, please contact us via the Contact page of this website and we can send you a couple of stools models that would fit in well with your booth.

Not yet! But it is definitely in our product roadmap, so reach out via the Contact page of this website if you want one and we can put you in our waiting list!


We will deliver your phone booth at your office within 6 - 8 weeks from the day you ordered it.

We can deliver the booth anywhere :) Right now we are mostly taking orders from Paris and London, if you live anywhere else and need the booth just contact us via the Contact page of this website and we will arrange the delivery for you, as well as make sure the plugs are adapted to your country.

We offer free delivery on our phone booths :) Don’t say merci, you deserve it!

Delivery will be easier in buildings that have large elevators, and maybe a trolley could be useful as well. Some building receptions have some and can lend them if needed. If you don’t have an elevator, we’ll make it work as well :) Just let us know via the Contact page of this website and we will give specific instructions to our delivery guys.

In order to assemble your booth in a fast and safe way, use our Assembly service, available to order alongside your booth here. This way we will send you professional builders who will assemble your booth in 30 minutes or so at your office.

If your booth needs a repair, don’t worry, we will sort it out! Contact us via the Contact page of this website and we will investigate what happened case by case, if it is something due to manufacturing issues we will make sure to replace the faulty elements or deliver you a new booth.